Have you got chronic eye pain like me?

I have suffered chronic eye pain for about 12 years and to this day I have no diagnosis. I'm writing this post in case there are other people out there who have had a similar experience and who might want to get in contact. I have been pretty lazy for the last two years and have given up on my hunt for answers, at least for now.

So if you or someone you know has had constant chronic eye pain for years, and no neurologist, ophthalmologist, pain specialist or optometrist has been able to help, then read on

5 Tricks For People Who Are Hyper Sensitive to Computer Screens

I have a rare neurological condition that means that when my eyes do work I feel pain, normally a mild pain but one that can grow out of control if I am not careful. Naturally, being a programmer where I stare at a computer screen all day may not be the best job for someone who feels pain upon focusing their eyes. But seriously, what job doesn't involve eye focusing? And more importantly, I am a self confessed programming obsessive, what would I do if I wasn't programming? I think my mind would shrivel up and die so rather than accept defeat I have found ways around it.

This is my list of tips and tricks that allow me to be a programmer.