Making Paper Gliders

One of my hobbies is making paper airplanes. I really like making gliders and testing them out near my house. One of my favourite designs is the OmniWing which I think is the most elegant glider design out there. I have built quite a few now and experiment with my own designs based on core concepts of the OmniWing.

Find all the original OmniWing videos here:

A Giant Advanced OmniWing

This glider is basically the Advanced OmniWing built four A4 sheets wide instead of two. It flew really well but ultimately couldn't support its own weight and got a bend in the wing. But while it flew it was elegant in the air and could cover some distance.

Proto Advanced OmniWing Combo

One of the problems with the Advanced OmniWing is that it often enters a turn and once in a turn it cannot recover and crashes. The Proto OmniWing is self-correcting and can recover from a turn, but it doesn't have the glide profile or elegance of the Advanced. So I built an Advanced OmniWing and added the Proto OmniWing mid-section to add the self-correcting property.

It flys pretty well, and has the self-correcting flight I wanted. I built it a little front heavy and had to compensate by turning up the trailing edge, this gave it a bit of a climb and dive flight profile. I hope to make my next attempt with a better balance that avoids the climb and dive profile and extra speed and distance.