API Series Part 5 - Configuration with Docker Configs

In the last post we stored the database user password securely as a Docker Secret. In this post we'll look at Docker Configs which uses the same model as the secrets except that files are mounted into the container file system unencrypted.

Why use Docker Configs instead of the other alternatives? Let's quickly compare Docker Configs with other options.

API Series Part 4 - Secrets Management with Docker Secrets

Working with secrets correctly in todays security environment is crucial. Storing database passwords and API keys in plain text files or in the source control system is just plain reckless. There are a few good options out there and today we are going to look at Docker Secrets.

What I really like about Docker Secrets are that it is so simple to use. Complexity is the enemy of security and with Docker Secrets being so simple it is hard to mess it up.

API Series Part 3 - Adding VS2017 Docker Support

So far we have a relatively simple ASP.NET Core 2.0 Web API that runs directly on the Windows operating system. But the next few posts in the series are going to need Docker. We'll be using Linux containers and looking at configuration, secrets management, and adding a second API. We'll be looking at using Docker Secrets, Docker configuration files, using Hashicorp Vault and creating our first Swarm with two services. So in this post we'll look at the built in Docker support in Visual Studio 2017, look at the various files that get added and what they do.